Kannan Ji

Ayurveda & Meditation

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Seeking the self has put him in places to learn alternative medical systems like homeopathy, acupuncture, marma therapy, and (naturopathy as a passion). Rooted in South Indian tradition, Have had 8 years of journey in practicing and teaching Ayurveda Varma/Marma Therapy gathered from traditional practitioners of Tamil Nadu & Kerala. Classes on Anatomy and Physiology is approached in such a way that, it combines modern anatomy with yogic and ayurvedic principles to explore inexpensive, independent health and joyous life . He is also a practitioner of Classical Martial Arts "Kalaripayattu" which is a very ancient and dynamic form of yoga that is famous in Kerala and south India. It's an immense responsibility and gift to be able to share what he found with those who seek a celebrating life and death.


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