Kayakalp Yoga Retreat

Do you feel a heavy sensation in your body that has resulted from
accumulation of stress in different key areas?


Plenty of times we are affected by illnesses because we have toxic materials stored in different parts of our bodies. These toxic wastes block the free flow of prana or energy and give rise to various forms of health problems. Here at our kayakalp yoga retreat program, we offer you traditional Hatha yoga, pranayama with shatkarmas, sattvic diet, meditation and yog nidra that can purify your body so that prana or energy flows freely. This can help in getting rid of ailments that can be physical, mental, emotional, or psychical.


4 Days Retreat6 Days Retreat
Therapeutic Asana Class + Shatkarma
(Jal Neti, Sutra Neti, Vaman)
Therapeutic Asana Class + Shatkarma
(Jal Neti, Sutra Neti, Vaman, Dhauti, Shankha prakshalana)
Shared Room: 170 USD (10,000 INR)Shared Room: 230 USD (12,000 INR)
Private Room: 200 USD (12,000 INR)Private Room: 280 USD (18,000 INR)